YMCA READS! at Myakka River Elementary, Port Charlotte, Florida

YMCA READS! is an Early Intervention reading program that is individualized for each student. Site Coordinator Amy Morales prepares the students for a comprehension lesson using a non-fiction book on pumpkins.  


An effective intervention program requires a lot of preparation, the SIPPS and Making Meaning lessons are prepared ahead of time and are ready for the volunteers and students to begin immediately.


Each student has an binder tailored to his/her needs.  The binder also contains the mentors notes on the student’s progress.


Each student is placed in SIPPS with an Initial Placement Test.  This test will also be given again before Christmas Break to monitor the child’s progress through the curriculum.


Organization of supplies and materials is essential for using every minute for instruction and mentoring.


YMCA READS! would not exist without the amazing dedication of the volunteers. The volunteers donate their time every week to mentor and tutor the students in reading.

IMG_6121 IMG_6107 IMG_6111 IMG_6105 IMG_6113

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