YMCA READS Celebrates National Mentoring Month! Winston Elementary, YMCA of West Central Florida, Lakeland

                               Be Someone Who Matters to Someone Who Matters. 

YMCA READS! is a completely free Intensive READING Intervention and Mentoring Program.   State Wide for every 2.2 students in YMCA READS! we have one mentor.  We would like to say thank you to all of our fantastic mentors!  We will be featuring different mentors from around the state during the month of January to say thank you for all that you do!

  • A mentoring match through a quality mentoring program such as YMCA READS! provides a young person with a consistent and reliable relationship with an adult. The support and guidance a mentor offers helps a young person build self-esteem and confidence so that she may reach her full potential.
  • The more dependable adults a young person has in his life, the more likely he is to develop positive behaviors, strong relationships, values, skills and beliefs that promote healthy development into adulthood.

                        From the YMCA of West Central Florida – Winston Elementary image001

M. (mentee): “I love working with Ms. Aubrey! She is fun, and she is nice. She teaches us a lot, but she lets us rest if we’re sick, and we do fun stuff with her like read and play games with our spelling words. I wish our classroom could be like this, just two kids and a nice grown-up.”

Aubrey (mentor): “I really enjoy working with my students; I love to see them learn and improve and grow! They are great kids, and always work hard, but we have fun too. It’s rewarding for me, and I actually considered teaching since working with this program.”

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