image BEING SOMEONE WHO MATTERS TO SOMEONE WHO MATTERS, King’s Trail Elementary School, Jacksonville, Florida

Florida First Coast YMCA – King’s Trail Elementary School, Jacksonville, Florida 

Quality mentoring programs can help a student achieve academic success. For example, students who meet regularly with their mentors are much less likely to skip class or school. 

Mentor Lia working with one of her students, Yajaira

King's Trail Mentor Highlight

“I volunteer with the YMCA READS program because it gives me the opportunity to assist children in a critical period of their development.  Reading is a fundamental skill that they will utilize throughout their lives, and I enjoy being able to help them master it.”  Lia- Mentor

Yajaira’s statement about why she enjoys working with Lia:  Note:  Yajaira is an English as a Second Language (ESL) student so her simple statement is not exactly ‘grammatically’ correct.  🙂

“I like Miss Lia.  She help us in vocabulary.”

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