Mentors at Myakka River Elementary, Port Charlotte – The Sky Family YMCA

Mentor – Pat – After mentoring for six years now, I still delight in helping the 1st graders gain confidence in reading and learn to love reading.

Mentor, Claire – Education is vital to our youth and I enjoy thinking I can make a difference – especially to those who need encouragement.

Gwen – Seeing the growth in the students from the beginning of the school year to the end is very rewarding.

Jo –  This is my fourth year with Y-Reads and find it to be a rewarding experience.  These children need not only help reading but often need an adult to praise and encourage them.  They are a joy!

Doris –  Being an avid reader, I know how important reading is in life.  It’s a joy to be able to assist these children to feel comfortable with their reading skills to the point of actually enjoying reading – what a rush!

David –  Seeing the child grow in their interest and ability in reading.

Craig – – The most important variable in the learning process is the willingness to take risks.  Young learners must understand that making mistakes is part of learning.  As such, an effective mentor creates an environment of risk taking. 

Beverly – – Working with the children keeps me young.

Rita – Mentoring is very rewarding.  The look on a child’s face when they “get it” is satisfying beyond words.

Mentee, Maddisyn – Sipps is fun and now I like to read books and sometimes we get to do crafts.

Mentee- Matthew –I have fun.

What are Myakka River Volunteers?

Volunteers are like Fords…

They have better ideas.

Volunteers are like Coke…

They’re the real thing.

Volunteers are like Pepsi…

They’ve got a lot to give

Volunteers are like Dial…

They care more, don’t you wish everyone did.

Volunteers are like VO5…

They hold in all kinds of weather.

Volunteers are like Hallmark…

They care enough to give the very best.

Volunteers are like Standard Oil…

You expect more and you get it.

But most of all,

Volunteers are like Frosted Flakes…

They’re GRRRRREAT!!!!!!!!

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