Success Story – Emma Booker Elementary, Sarasota YMCA

I’yanna is a 2nd grader, in her second academic year with Y-READS!, having started with the Sarasota Y READS! program during summer literacy camp, 2012.  I’yanna has had difficulty sitting still and focusing.  Last year her attention span was no more than 3 seconds long.

For her first 1.5 years in the Y READS! program, I’yanna was prone to getting in trouble, because she was so easily distracted by what the other students were doing.  She did not have a normal delay response before getting up and running across the room or blurting out the first thing that came to her mind, no matter how inappropriate the comment.

Emma Booker Y READS!  works primarily with struggling K – 2nd grade students, referred by their teachers and school administrators.  We place a high value on the accomplishment of testing into our 3rd grade curriculum.  Just prior to the Christmas break this year, I’yanna realized she was at Extension 27 in our SIPPS (Systematic Instruction in Phonemic Awareness, Phonics and Sight Words) curriculum, which left her only 13 lessons to master before moving into the 3rd grade book.  Because of I’yanna’s attention span problems, it has been challenging for her to get good grades in academics and particularly in behavior.  

 Just in the last two months, I’yanna has started putting a lot of effort into her fluency and comprehension lessons.  She is easily frustrated with herself.  She knows she has difficulty focusing, but she is learning to take a deep breath, slow down and try again.  In the beginning of this school year, I’yanna’s Probability of Reading Success was 39% .

 As of I’yanna’s mid-year FAIR assessment, she is now reading at 75% Probability of ReadingSuccess.  Her fluency started at 57 WCPM (word count per minute) and is now at 96 WCPM with 99% accuracy.   Last week I’yanna tested into the 3rd grade book in Y-READS! , her self esteem has sky-rocketed and she is becoming a role model in behavior for all the other students.

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