Leveling Your YMCA READS Library – Where to Begin

Below grade-level readers gain confidence if they know they can pick a book that they’ll be able to read.  Students show the most reading improvement if they regularly practice reading within a range of difficulty that is neither too challenging nor too easy.  If you haven’t leveled your reading library…now is the time to do so.

Here are some resources to help you get started.

  • Website Resource –https://curriculumtechnology.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/ar_lexile_conversion1.pdf  – Submitted by Lauren at Ruediger Elementary in Tallahassee
  • Phone App https://classroom.booksource.com/Default.aspx?logout=true  – Submitted by John at Banyan Elementary in Miami

    It is a fully FREE site that lets you import all books into an online database by simply scanning them via a smart phone and it identifies their titles and other relevant information via the scanned ISBN no. and serves as a library checkout system. I’ve been using it in YREADS! for a while now and it really helps keep track of books in the library, their condition, if they are checked out or not and where they belong once they are returned.

    The system also generates invoice letters for students who might lose books if that ever becomes necessary.

Thank you Lauren and John for sharing!

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