YMCA READS! Matters!

Aloma Elementary – Orlando “We love this program. So many tutoring options do not focus on prevention and this program allows us to catch younger students before the problem grows. Data shows it works!”

Avalon Elementary , Naples Students are getting additional focused small group reading instruction.

 Bayshore Elementary, Bradenton The YMCA READS! program fills many needs for the students at Bayshore Elementary. Our students do not always have the reading support they need at home, nor do they have the funds to pay for the extra support when needed.

 Emma Booker – Sarasota YMCA READS! benefits our school because it benefits our students. It offers quality one-on-one reading remediation to struggling readers on necessary skills to bring them on level in reading.

 Garden Elementary – Venice The YMCA READS! program has been the most consistent and reliable data source and supplemental instructional piece we have had at Garden in my 9 years as Principal. The district dabbles in this and that but the fidelity of the YMCA READS! program is something I can always depend on.

Kings Trail – Jacksonville YMCA READS! has been a great intervention for your struggling readers. Consistently students have shown growth academically and in their behavior as they gain confidence in themselves as readers.

Laurel Nokomis – Laurel Nokomis YMCA READS! program has been wonderful. The staff is very professional. They were always willing to work out any glitch. What was very remarkable was that the students were quite happy to participate and this is a long day for them.

Manatee Elementary – Naples Reading is a component in education that filters across all content areas. YMCA READS! gives struggling student extra support to build their reading skills to become successful as they continue their educational journey. The students enjoy going and have made great gains in their reading skills; comprehension, accuracy, and fluency.

Myakka River – Port Charlotte  The YMCA READS! program provides extended learning opportunities beyond the school day. Volunteers provide lots of TLC

Montclair Elementary, Jacksonville – YMCA READS! has filled a major need for tutoring our at-risk students. Our school has a free and reduced lunch rate of 56% (only 9% away from Title 1 servcies) and has no extra services. YMCA READS! was extremely beneficial to our success during the 2014-2015 year.

 Parkside Elementary – Naples – Most students have improved their reading skills with the support of the YMCA READS! program. Students are motivated to read!

Parkwood Heights Elementary – Jacksonville – The extra help and love from the YMCA staff and volunteers has been a true blessing to our students and school.

Perkins Elementary School – St. Petersburg – The YMCA READS! program has benefited all of the students who participated. The children enjoyed the curriculum and bonded with the volunteers. Our teachers have commented on the growth the children have made in part to the YMCA READS! program. I truly hop that it is funded again.

 Pizzo Elementary School – Tampa – It has been beneficial to have the extra support providing small intensive assistance focusing on increasing reading ability. These students benefited from this service.

Plantation Elementary – Plantation The benefit has been that these student have an added support in their Reading after school. This is offered in a save learning environment that is structured to engage and empower out students.

Ruediger – Tallahassee YMCA READS! is the first instructional/academic program offered to our K.1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders here at Ruediger. Other academic programs offered here have always focused on 3rd, 4th, and 5th.

Southwest Elementary – Lakeland – YMCA READS! provides a huge benefit to our school. They provide intensive interventions that assist in keeping students from being retained. It also provides our students with resources/instruction they might otherwise not get outside the school environment. This program is a strong support to our primary students and we are grateful for their continued efforts.

Tiger Academy – Jacksonville  YMCA READS! provides reading intervention lessons to students who struggle with beginning readings skills (phonics, decoding, etc.) Students receive extra support to increase their motivation to read and learning in general. YMCA READS! serves as a safety-net for at-risk youth and provides a positive extended learning environment.

Turie T. Elementary – Daytona Beach Teachers have mentioned the benefits of our students participating in a double dose of SIPPS (Systematic Instruction in Phonological Awareness, Phonics, and Sight Words). The extra instruction allows phonics instruction to solidify in other aspects of the school day. For example, students are able to identify sight words quicker and read more fluently.

Winston Elementary – Lakeland YMCA READS has served as the primary tutoring program for first and second grade students at Winston this year. Based on grade level data, students in these grades have demonstrated a need for this program. The students who participated in this program benefited from additional instruction, increased time on task, and exposure to additional comprehension strategies.

Twin Lakes Elementary –Jacksonville – Year after year, funds for tutoring and support programs are diminishing. It was very helpful to have something to offer student/parents. Most teachers have noticed improvements in their students. 

IMG_0365IMG_0363 Lexi Find the Evidence Hailey SIPPS - Systematic Instruction in Phonological Awareness, Phonics, and Sight Words

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