Ruediger YMCA READS! receives Adopt A Classroom Grant

Congratulations Ruediger YMCA READS!   Lauren Sima, Site Coordinator receives Adopt A Classroom Grant!

Ruediger YMCA READS! is a very special program. The population is special because the school is at 100% FREE lunch and breakfast. Lauren Sima, the site coordinator at Ruediger, works with the lowest readers of grades K-3.  These students are struggling for many reasons. She has students that have deceased parents, in foster care, homeless, single parent families, incarcerated parents, kids that live with other family members, students that families don’t speak much English, students with families that don’t value education, students with learning disabilities, students with emotional and behavioral problems, and students with parents that work two or three jobs. But they become better readers in YMCA READS!  YMCA READS! intervention program is 4 days a week and the children are split between 2 days. Lauren’s students are showing 1 – 2.5 year gains by only attending twice a week (couple hours) for one school year or even less! Some children are able to “graduate” from YMCA READS! in just four months because they make it to ‘on level’ status with good grades (1+ year growth in 4 months at only 2+ hours a week). Why is that significant? Because it means the activities that she plans/provides are exactly what the students need and she is giving them small group attention which they flourish in.

Lauren is able to serve 22-23 kids a day (45 total a week) with small group instruction because she “hires” and trains amazing volunteers. These volunteers are mainly college age and want to have a positive impact on their community! The volunteers follow her lesson plans and activities/materials, and execute them. Ruediger YMCA READS! would not be what it is today without her volunteers! Right now Lauren has 36 tutors that take their time to mentor and teach these students in need. YMCA READS! is very special to her and to the students and to the school. It is very unique, and the children need the extra love, help, and attention the people in the program can provide!

So with the funds received from Adopt-A-Classroom, Lauren will continue to create meaningful and necessary lessons to fill these students’ reading gaps and hopefully get them to be on grade level in reading! There are several reading skills and under each skill are several more reading components, SO with the supplies awarded, she will utilize to help her cover several skills/activities to match the specific needs of students. She plans on using the funds to purchase sight word reader sets; vocabulary sets; personal vowel posters to teach the different vowel spellings; a classroom set of white boards and expo markers for many kinds of activities ranging from comprehension to vocabulary to phonics instruction; highlighters for highlighting key evidence/clues in texts; a class set of letter tiles for word building and phonics instruction; packs of large chart paper; ink cartridges to print detailed lesson plans, create parent reports, and print meaningful activities found online.





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