St. Petersburg YMCA READS! Travels Around the World in Books

Reading gives everyone an opportunity to travel to new lands and discover new cultures and civilizations! To celebrate Summer Learning Day, YMCA Reads! committed to reading a variety of texts from around the world! From folktales in other countries, to informational texts about civilizations, and texts embracing diversity and multiculturalism- we made the entire week a vacation to far away lands! The texts we read included…

-If the World Were a Village by David J. Smith

-Anansi the Spider by Gerald McDermott

-Going Home, Coming Home by Truong Tran

-A Ticket around the World by Melissa Owens and Natalia Diaz

-Elephant Dance by Theresa Heine

-Ganesha’s Sweet Tooth by Emily Haynes and Sanjay Patel

-Coyote and Borreguita by Verna Aardema

-Lon Po Po by Ed Young

-And more!

Using a standard of Project-Based Learning, students completed a variety of connection activities to assist their understanding of the texts, and experience new cultures. This included: comparing and contrasting activities, writing activities, art projects, dramatic play, playing traditional games from foreign countries, and learning new languages!

Our Reading Around the World ended with a taste-test of foods from many different cultures, including:

-Greek Yogurt


-Aloe Juice

-Naan Bread

-Chai Tea

-Green Tea

-Miso Soup


-And much more!

This summer, YMCA Reads! took our program participants on a trip around the world on Summer Learning Day!

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