Florida State Alliance of YMCA’s

YMCA READS! is part of the Florida State Alliance of YMCA’s.

Collectively, Florida Ys are committed to providing opportunities for men, women and children of all ages to learn, grow, and thrive through the following efforts:

Serve all incomes, ages and abilities

  • Florida Ys serve more than 1.2 million people from diverse communities statewide. Ys bring together people of all ages, genders, faiths, backgrounds and incomes. Every Florida Y offers scholarship opportunities so that the Y experience is possible for everyone.

Offer wholesome activities for youth

  • Y youth programs serve children and teens of all ages, weaving core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility into the fabric of all that we do. Our youth sports programs provide active play plus an exercise in sportsmanship and values. In a state surrounded by water, we teach aquatic safety and swimming lessons to more youth than any other organizations. Teens develop leadership and service skills through Youth in Government, leaders clubs and community service projects.

Provide child care statewide

  • Florida Ys are the state’s largest provider of out-of-school time programs, serving more than 32,000 kids each day. Ys offer affordable, quality programs for all families, regardless of ability to pay, while offering financial assistance to families in need. Out-of-school time programs and summer day camps bridge the gap between school and home, building parent peace of mind and enriching the school experience. More and more, Ys are seeing themselves as educators, offering preschool and charter school opportunities as well.

Partner with neighborhood organizations

  • Florida Ys work with local and county governments including police and fire departments, public housing developments and children’s services; public schools; churches; and other community and civic organizations to build the kind of community environment that helps everyone feel safe and connected.

Encourage volunteerism

  • Florida Ys are volunteer-founded, volunteer-based and volunteer-led. Nearly 20,000 volunteers give their time to help meet the needs of their communities each year.
  • Promote health and wellness for the entire community

Since their beginning, Florida Ys have offered opportunities for people of all ages to live healthier, more active lives. Our programs promote wellness for all, provide seniors with ways to stay active, help those with injuries to recover and reach out to those with special challenges. As we face daunting health challenges in our current environment, Ys are working to combat the childhood obesity epidemic and develop chronic disease prevention programs. Through it all, we maintain membership that is open to all, regardless of their ability to pay.

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