Comments on YMCA READS!

The Y is a strong community partner. We like to work in tandem with local school leadership to make sure that Y READS! complements classroom activities, matches the values of each school and goes well beyond any type of after-school program. Here are what some of school leaders have to say about working with us:
  • “The YMCA here on campus is probably the most helpful program we have because it’s a very direct connection and the kids see that seamless transition from the school day to the YMCA. They get to know the staff, it’s the same staff consistently each day. The Y READS is a huge, huge piece because they can fuse into the classroom prior to our school day ending. It’s wonderful and in addition to the reading instruction that they get in the classroom. We schedule it around their core instruction, so it’s not taking the place of it, it’s in addition too. So I think that’s the biggest impact.”
  • “The program is going extremely well, Amy goes “over and beyond”: she has a strong presence in the school; she is very organized; she is constantly recruiting new volunteers, and the student referral process has been very smooth, so she started the year with a high number of students from the very beginning. We get great feedback from parents and teachers. The collaboration is amazing. Amy is part of our staff. She helps us test Spanish-speaking students, and is extremely flexible. Some of our high risk students have very intensive socio-emotional needs, and she has been willing to work with them. Her program is very valuable to us. We would really hate to lose it!”
  • “The referral process has been working really well now, which is why Colleen could start the school year with her program almost full. Teachers were very appreciative because they felt that no time was wasted serving students. We do have SES programs and Catapult (District wide afterschool intervention), but we focus these services on older students, and they are provided for limited times. We have 20 homeless students this year, and we give away many “kidspack” (backpacks filled with donated food) each weekend. With an increasing number of students in poverty and decreased services, we need this program now more than ever!”

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