READS! Student Success Stories READS/READS_students_web.jpg

Students who participate in READS -(read their stories here) – are referred by the partner schools’ principals, reading or data coaches, guidance counselors and/or students’ teachers. Students are referred to our program based on their performance in  reading in the classroom and/or district assessment tests such as the Florida Assessments for Instruction in Reading (FAIR) in participating districts. READS/YREADS_pic_1.jpg

Factors  such as students’ participation in the Free or Reduced Lunch or English Language Development Programs are also considered when students are referred to the YMCA READS! mentoring and student assistance program. Each  child has a School Referral Form on file indicating the reading level and reason for referral.

Our targeted demographics consist of students from low performing schools, or schools with high rates of students reading below grade level.  We target these students in order to help them develop solid reading skills before having to take the FCAT (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test) in third grade.

Each student enrolled in READS is expected to receive a minimum of two one hour individualized sessions per week with a mentor.  Each student’s reading level is assessed to provide targeted instruction.  Student’s progress is monitored quarterly through curriculum assessments and school
assessments. But the biggest measurement is by what their families have to say about the program.

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